Inside the New Brooklyn Nets Barclay’s Center (VIDEO)

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Brooklyn News
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Nine years and 35 court battles later, the Brooklyn Nets Barclays Center (which is being called the most high tech stadium in sports) finally opens. The stadium (@BarclaysCenter), a passion project of Brooklyn-born Jay-Z, was officially opened at much-anticipated, ribbon-cutting ceremony with Mayor Bloomberg. The Nets won’t officially play their first game at the new stadium until November 1st but the stadium and its shops are open for business. And best of all, there’s FREE WIFE INSIDE AND OUTSIDE of the stadium (woot-woot!).

Take a look at the new face of Brooklyn (the Barclay’s Center edition) in the video below (produced by The Verge featuring Niley Patel (@Reckless) and Amy K. Nelson (@AmyKNelson). Even more interesting, check out the comments after the post where Brooklynites give their feedback on what they like or dislike about the new stadium. Read the entire post HERE.


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