Brooklyn Startup Withers & Grain Recycles Old Wood into High-End Furnishings

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Brooklyn Startups
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Landmarks get refurbished all the time. It takes constant, expensive remodeling and upkeep to make that happen. In the process of remodeling, landmarks get stripped of old wear and tear including fixtures and facades to make way for new, more sustainable materials. But what happens to the old, damaged, discarded materials?

Up until recently, old building material ended up at landfills. But Brooklyn-based startup Withers & Grain (@vintageindu) saw diamonds where everyone else saw dust.

Cofounders Adam Johnson (28) and Luke Fasano (34) launched Withers & Grain a little over a year ago to refurbish wood from water towers, historic town houses, Coney Island and other landmarks. The pieces of wood are used to design new high-end furniture  which can be found in restaurants and businesses (pieces sell for between $1,000 – $3,000).

The New York Daily News features Withers & Grain’s story, Williamsburg Startup Turns Ugly New York City Water Towers Into Fancy Furniture, with insight from the founders on what inspired them to launch an eco-friendly business which is now based in Williamsburg (originally, it was launched in Bed Stuy). Adam Johnson pinpoints why they are having such great early success:

“We are taking material from the city and processing it locally. It doesn’t get more sustainable and local than this. People have been receptive.”

They go into more detail on their website:
We warehouse and use a large collection of high grade reclaimed woods from the 5 boroughs of New York. In addition to our wood studio we handle all of our welding and metal fabrication in house. Keeping our complete control or our materials and fabrication process allows to maintain the highest quality control possible. Our focus is to continue to build and grow our brand organically while maintaining control over our process insuring our quality is never compromised. Whether it is a table built from an old church in Brooklyn or a reclaimed water tower given new purpose in the form of an entire restaurant, we want everything we create to have its own original history and character.
Read the entire Daily News article HERE. To learn more about Withers & Grain, visit their website at:

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