Who’s Who in Brooklyn: Marty Markowitz

Posted: November 10, 2012 in About Brooklyn, Who's Who in Brooklyn
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Marty Markowitz and Makerbot’s Bre Petis

I’ll admit that, before writing this post, I had no idea who the heck Marty Markowitz was. Thanks to the gods of internet search, within a few clicks I learned that Marty (as he’s affectionately called by everyone) is: (1) quite a character, (2) seems goodhearted and jovial, (3) cares passionately about Brooklyn and its residents and (4) is Brooklyn’s Borough President.

Marty runs Brooklyn and he partakes in just about every event under the sun having to do with Brooklyn (he’d put any of our social calendars to shame). His job is simple yet extraordinary difficult: make Brooklyn better for its residents, businesses and tourists. Rather than go into what makes Marty so respected and popular, I’ll let Marty tell you his story in his own words (and for the love of god, take a look at his great pitch for the movie Brooklyn Castle which is in theaters now, in the video below – it’s actually pretty funny).

Marty Loves Brooklyn Castle


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