EVENTS: GenSpace Opens its Doors for PCR & Pizza

Posted: November 18, 2012 in Upcoming Events
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If you’re not familiar with the awesomeness that is Brooklyn-based Genspace (@genspacenyc), this event is the perfect opportunity to get to know them.  Genspace is New York City community biolab — a hotbed of scientific innovation and education for explorers, researchers and entrepreneurs.

According to their website, Genspace describes itself as “a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting citizen science and access to biotechnology“. And that’s not all:

Since 2009 we have served the greater New York area by providing educational outreach, cultural events, and a platform for science innovation at the grassroots level. In December 2010 we opened the first-ever community biotechnology laboratory, a Biosafety Level One facility in Brooklyn, New York, where we offer hands-on courses to the public, provide extracurricular experiences for students, and encourage scientific entrepreneurship, particularly in the fields of molecular and synthetic biology. As a community-based lab, we offer members the unique opportunity to work on their own projects and experience the joy and wonder of science firsthand.

Get to know the Genspace community at their free PCR & Pizza event this week. If you love science and pizza, then get over there!

DATE: Monday, November 19, 7PM-10PM
 PCR and pizza– a match made in heaven! A relaxed night of science and discussion. Bring a sample of plant matter and see how easy DNA barcoding and PCR is. Or just kick back and watch. No experience necessary. No charge, but a buck or two to help pay for the pizza is appreciated.
PRICE: Free but a buck or two to help pay for the pizza is appreciated.
LOCATION: Genspace HQ (33 Flatbush Avenue, 7th Fl, take the 2,3,4,5 trains to the Nevins Sreet or the B,Q,R trains to DeKalb Ave)
ORGANIZER:  Ellen D. Jorgensen, Ph.D.
CONTACT: Phone: (347) 470-1265, Email:


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