BIZ OPPORTUNITY: Popular Brooklyn Blog for Sale

Posted: November 20, 2012 in Brooklyn News, Brooklyn Startups, Opportunities
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Maybe writing about children and being a full-time mother in Brooklyn isn’t your cup of tea, but if you’re an entrepreneur (or an investor) looking to target the all-powerful army of moms market, buying the popular blog A Child Grows in Brooklyn (@achildgrows), including all of its digital assets like email lists, social media accounts and website content, might be the business move for you.

According to Brokelyn (@Brokelyn), the founder of A Child Grows in Brooklyn (Karen Connell) is relocating to Chicago and can no longer maintain the site. The site publishes a steady dose of content daily created by eight mom bloggers and parenting experts. Here’s a more detailed explanation of the site’s business model from their “About” page:

I started the blog in 2006 as a place for me and my friends to share information about services in Brooklyn. There were just 15 moms reading it at the beginning and then it grew….like our kids. As it did, I asked the best Brooklyn experts and writers to post for the blog. These pediatricians, moms and dads, parent coaches, nutritionists and doulas share their knowledge with us.

If you’re in the market, and can afford the asking price (not disclosed), this might be a biz opportunity worth checking out. It certainly is a smart business move on the part of the founders to sell the blog rather than let the community and content die.

To learn more about the sale of the blog, check out Karen’s post on the site HERE.


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