Brooklyn Venture Buzz Around the Internet: 5 Stories You May Have Missed This Week

Posted: December 21, 2012 in Brooklyn News, Brooklyn Startups
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Brooklyn Denim

Here’s a great roundup of stories and blog posts feature that grand dame: Brooklyn. With the holidays upon us (and the Mayan “end of the world” hoopla pretty much behind us), it’s safe to say we’re all looking at our individual and collective prospects for 2013. Here is a bit of Brooklyn venture buzz around the internet:

  • (BBC NewsBrooklyn: New York City’s Hip Start-up Hub: Brooklyn:  Brooklyn’s growing startup scene gets mucho props across the pond in this piece by BBC News. Not only does the piece profile several up-and-coming Brooklyn-based entrepreneurs like Brooklyn Soda Works and Kambucha, but it champions the edgy, independent spirit that has always made Brooklyn unique and the place to be (now more than ever): “The New York borough of Brooklyn has become a hub for the Big Apple’s cutting-edge crowd – and among them are a new generation of entrepreneurs kick-starting successful new businesses despite the economic gloom.” Read more HERE.
  • (Associated Press) Click, print, shoot: Downloadable guns possible on Brooklyn-based Thingverse’s 3D Printing Website: Downloading a gun design to your computer, building it with a three-dimensional printer that uses plastics and other materials, and firing it minutes later. No background checks, no questions asked. It was done at Thingverse’s 3D printing site (a Brooklyn startup that has responded swiftly to the backlash in the wake of the Connecticut massacre). Did this Brooklyn startup do the right thing? Read more HERE.
  • (Business Insider) An Admirable New Startup, Neverware, Has Raised $1 Million To Try And Save Schools A Lot Of MoneyBrooklyn-based Neverware (a startup that makes old computers run like new) is determined to change the way schools invest in and use computers: “Now that Neverware has been tested, sold, and implemented in a number of high schools throughout the northeast, the investors are ready to publicly show their support. The funding round, which closed in early 2012, involved Khosla Ventures, GRP Partners, Thrive Capital, General Catalyst Partners, Raptor Ventures, and a few New York angel investors.” Read more HERE.
  • (Neiman Journalism Lab) No sleep till: Technically Media’s next expansion stop is Brooklyn:  Everybody wants a piece of Brooklyn – Technically Brooklyn to launch in 2013: ““Brooklyn really resonates to us in the way that it is a smaller part of a bigger community in New York,” Kirk said [Brian James Kirk, cofounder of Technically Media]. “It has 2.5 million people. That reminds me a lot of Philadelphia. And there’s still a divide between affluent folks and less privileged folks, so there’s still a lot of issues to be covered in terms of digital access, how they’re approaching policy, how they’re trying to get tech companies to come, changing their infrastructure to support that — in many ways it reminded us of Philadelphia.” Read more HERE.
  • (The Verge) Kickstarter without the risk: Grand St. delivers offbeat gadgets you can buy today: Brooklyn-based startup launches a quirky tech online store with a lot of heart: “”Kickstarter has kind of created this whole new class of products,” Peyton [GrandSt’s founder] said. “Some [campaigns] will turn into companies and they’ll have more products and they’ll want to sell beyond the units they sell through Kickstarter.” But unlike Kickstarter, where even the best-laid plans with huge amounts of funding often go awry, Grand St. only sells real products.” Read more HERE.

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