Brooklyn Startup/Tech News – 5 Stories You May Have Missed this Week (Jan 11)

Posted: January 11, 2013 in Brooklyn News, Brooklyn Startups

This was the first full business week of the new year and it was a busy one! Not only did we have our well-attended Meetup “Invasion of the Hackthons” this week (check out the Storify of it here), but there was quite a few rumbling around the tech scene about how this coming year will shake out for both entrepreneurs (less funding available?) and investors (Series A Crunch anyone?).

Here are a few stories about Brooklyn-based startups and entrepreneurs you may have missed:

  1. PopTech’s Andrew Zolli on Resilience and Solving World Problems ( — What does [entrepreneur] Andrew Zolli want on his tombstone? That he helped change the world. He is the executive director of [Brooklyn-based] PopTech, a non-profit which brings together innovators from a variety of fields – science, technology, design and public health, among others – in an effort to find unusual, collaborative solutions to the world’s biggest problems.
  2. Brooklyn Heights Man Totally OK with Casual Dating Site (Brookyn Heights Blog) — Brooklyn entrepreneur Elissa Shevinsky (whose specialties she claims includes: “Growth Hacker. Hustler. Biz Dev. Partnerships. Project Management. Software Development. Coffee Roasting.”)  has created two dating sites dedicated to casual encounters ( and “I am here to help Brooklyn get together,” she tells the tabloid, adding, “And I don’t judge what they are going to do.” Both sites are in private beta. Read more here.
  3. DUMBO Tech Execs Form Booze Appreciation Society ( — There are no “dry” employees at The JAR Group in DUMBO.  That’s one of the reasons that the small digital marketing company is a great place to start a booze-appreciation society — where staff not only get to let off steam after work, they also get to taste quirky off-the-grid boozy Brooklyn specialties and classics.
  4.’s Aaron Schildkrout on How to Build a Startup in 2013 ( — We recently sat down with Schildkrout at his company’s Brooklyn headquarters, and he shared with us how he and Co-founder Brian Schechter scaled up the dating site, attracted top talent, and managed its explosive growth. Read more here.
  5. Specialty Food Start-ups Find a Home in Brooklyn’s Booming Culinary Economy ( — Cuties Pies’ Guinness Fudge-Bailey’s Irish Cream Pie, Brooklyn Soda Works’ Grapefruit, Jalapeno & Honey soda and King County Jerky Co.’s Sichuan Ginger Grass-fed Jerky were all born in the hotbed of Brooklyn’s food revolution. “Food incubators” are also trending in Brooklyn, providing affordable spaces for emerging food businesses to cook. Read more here.

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