Mashery Covers Our “Invasion of the Hackathons” Event

Posted: January 27, 2013 in News about Us
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Team Mashery!

Team Mashery!

We were fortunate enough to have a large turnout for our last event, Invasion of the Hackathons, including tech/hackathon experts, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders like Mashery (the global leaders in API strategy and development for big brands).

We’ve had some great coverage of the evening which included lively discussion about the current state and future of hackathons (and quite a few people took notes).

Colin McCabe, Platform Strategist at Mashery (@Mashery), offers an insightful overview of the event on Mashery’s blog. Not only does he summarize the evening and articulate what exactly made the event such a success, but he offers great takeaways including:

  • Hackers need full control and a creative license;
  • There is a growing concern among hackers that hackathons are being diluted to the point will it will no longer be the creative outlet they need — this needs to be addressed;
  •  Hackathons are about the possibility to be part of something game-changing and you are awarded for your creativity.  As long as future events follow this style, it will drive interest from the community.

Read Colin’s full post at Mashery HERE.


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