PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Old School Brooklyn Entrepreneurs Carmelo & Mike (1978)

Posted: January 27, 2013 in About Brooklyn, Photo of the Week
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Carmelo & Mike @ Three Bros Salumeria, Brooklyn, 1978

Carmelo & Mike @ Three Bros Salumeria, Brooklyn, 1978 by Whiskeygonebad

Photo, caption and description below are by WhiskeyGoneBad on Flickr (he has a treasure trove of photos of Brooklyn from the 70s).


Three Brothers Grocery. Does it get more Italian-American? We even have even the flags.
Carmelo and Mike [owner] of this grocery / salumeria circa 1978. (Carmelo married my friend Randy’s cousin Paula Fischetti.) They changed from the ownership of a pizzeria across the street that was called: Three Brothers Pizzeria from the mid-late 60s to the mid 70s.
Minolta XE-7 w 16mm Sigma – still have it and use it.
It is near impossible to get this wide with today’s digital cameras without stitching shots together or spending 4gs on a full frame digital camera and a modern fisheye lens. I was their amateur soccer club’s team photographer on a friendly basis. I’d just enjoy the game and give them the film afterwards. The club hangout was in the back as whitespy below reminded me as it was soooo long ago. The Family continues on here:


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