Brooklyn Startup/Tech News – 10 Stories You May Have Missed

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Brooklyn News, Brooklyn Startups
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Brooklyn entrepreneur Jay Z, Marcy Projects (1994)

Brooklyn entrepreneur Jay Z, Marcy Projects (1994)

It shouldn’t be a surprise that things in startup land are heating up even though the year is barely one month old! Buzz around the city in tech/media is that everyone is swamped, there are one million projects “in the air” and the potential to turn opportunities into profitable business is electrifying everyone (if not completely exhausting us).

Below are a few Brooklyn startup stories from the past week that you may have missed (adding fuel to the tech startup fire):

  1. Digital Brooklyn and the Entrepreneurial Spirit (Brooklyn Magazine): “First they came for light, then they came for art, now they here for a digital revolution.” Read more…
  2. Two Brooklyn Brownstoners Launch New Instagram-style App for Video, Montag ( NY) Dan Long and Demir Gjokaj met as undergrads at Berkeley. But it wasn’t until later in life, after catching waves in Puerto Rico, shooting a television show in L.A. and jamming in their Brooklyn brownstone, that they began to dream up an app for sharing their experiences.  Read more…
  3. Brooklyn Looks to Free Up Office Space for Tech and Media (Commercial Observer): With technology and media companies looking to Brooklyn for space to house their startup endeavors, the borough finds itself needing more square footage of office product. Those at the helm of Brooklyn’s Tech Triangle are thinking ahead to bring new options online and keep entrepreneurs on the right side of the river. Read more…
  4. The Most Futuristic, Interactive Pool Party Ever (and it’s in Brooklyn) (  Brooklyn-based art studio Red Paper Heart recently help put on the ultimate pool party. That’s because UrbanDaddy challenged the art studio to create an epic, interactive experience in water.  Read more…
  5. Tech mate! DUMBO’s tech incubators hatch the next generation of boro entrepreneurs ( Forget storks, this is where techies come from. DUMBO’s future tech titans are working together in a handful of incubators — co-working spaces for new start-up companies — which have become nurturing nests of innovation in Brooklyn’s lauded Tech Triangle.
  6. Brooklyn Startup ChefDay Helps You Prep Full Gourmet Meals ( Along with the ingredient delivery, Chefday provides a free step-by-step instructional video on their website, which will assist you in putting everything together. Read more…
  7. Moving Brooklyn Industries Beyond Brooklyn (VIDEO) ( How do you take a local clothing brand and make it a national chain? Husband and wife entrepreneurs and founders of Brooklyn Industries explains how they’re doing it in this video interview. Read more…
  8. NYTech Meetup Wants a Bigger Role In NY Elections (Bloomberg News):  New York’s burgeoning technology sector wants to flex its newfound political muscle in this year’s mayoral race, the first since digital companies coalesced in the city. Read more…
  9. Interview with Nicole Brydson of Brooklyn, The Borough (  “Losing a job always feels like a big failure, so in that sense I have failed, but I now know that failure is a precursor to success, and often, being open to failure leads to success.” — Nicole Brydson, journalist, creative strategist, manager, and founder of Brooklyn, The Borough. Read more…
  10. AVC Video of the Week – Jerry Colonna on Entrepreneurship, Delusion and Peace of Mind (VIDEO) (Fred Wilson Pick):  Good Life Project(tm) founder, Jonathan Fields, interviews former venture capitalist turned business coach, Jerry Colonna.

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